Top 10 Trends for Legal in 2020

Lawyers will not disappear into oblivion, but the winners will be those who truly understand data

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What should we expect in 2020? 2018 was a transition year where the Big Four made their first real forays into legal. 2019 changed the industry with investment from Private Equity boosting legal tech. Things have gotten more complicated, and 2020 isn’t just a new 12 months cycle; it marks the beginning of a new decade.

To make sense of where the legal industry is going, David Holme, Exigent’s CEO, looks at the year and all the moving parts that make the legal industry such a fascinating place to be at the moment. Download our article: Top 10 Trends for Legal in 2020.

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  • Legal tech: what over-inflated valuations and hasty acquisitions mean for the sector as a whole
  • Big Four: how the hubris of these monoliths will soon show
  • Big Law: why temping isn’t the answer
  • Blockchain: what Facebook Libra can teach us about how the industry will respond to cryptocurrencies
  • And much more, including insight into legal education, ALSPs, compliance, and data for the years to come.

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