Litigation Support Services

No matter where your case sits in the litigation lifecycle, Exigent’s Support Services can help fill any gaps.

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We don’t just do “doc review.”

Our team provides support at every stage of the EDRM model enabling you access to the most appropriate mix of support and tools. Whether you need document review support or a customized end-to-end solution, we’ve got you covered with these services:

  • Managed Document Review: Review of documents for relevancy, issues, privilege, and confidentiality
  • Early Data Analytics: Use of cognitive analytics and AI to provide data insight to reduce document sets only relevant to the matter.
  • Class Action Settlement: Verification of qualifying claimants and settlement amounts for class action suits
  • Legal Drafting: Support in drafting standard discovery affidavits, claims, reports, and more.
  • Legal Research: Research into legal issues and verdicts across various jurisdictions.

    Our legally qualified document review teams can be mobilized in 24 hours. We have experience in over 13 eDiscovery platforms, and robust processes in place to deliver quick results, without sacrificing quality. Contact us now.

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