Litigation Support Services

Document review for relevance, issues, confidentiality, and privilege

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With our litigation support services, our legally qualified document review teams (lawyers and/or paralegals) are mobilized in 24 hours. We have experience on over 13 eDiscovery platforms, and robust processes in place to deliver quick results, without sacrificing quality.

Our services include:

  • Managed Document Review: Review of documents for relevancy, issues and privilege, regularly achieving review speeds of 70 documents per hour. Related services include Redactions and Chronologies
  • Early Data Assessment & Analytics: Front-end cognitive Analytics leveraging to cull down likely responsive documents
  • Class Action Settlement Audit: Verification of qualifying claimants and settlement amounts over a 4 year period for a large multinational mining company.
  • Affidavit & Standard Pleadings Drafting: Drafting standard Discovery Affidavits, and eviction pleadings
  • Legal Research: Research into positions of law across various jurisdictions

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