Article: How Law Firms Can Prepare for 2020 Immigration Policy Changes 


Get ahead of the rapid immigration changes–without increasing spend on paralegals or overworking in-house staff. 


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Fluctuating immigration legislation is bringing sweeping changes in the new year. Are you prepared?

In our article, How Law Firms Can Prepare for 2020 Immigration Policy Changes, we provide insights on policy changes that will likely affect your business immigration clients, including: 

  • Higher denial rates, more rigid restrictions and a new cap for the H-1B Visa.
  • An all-time high average wait time in all employment-based visa categories. 
  • More country-specific caps for India, China, Latin America, and African countries.

...and why traditional immigration paralegals aren’t an effective solution for your law firm. 

You know more change is coming — and it’s coming quickly. Read our guide to prepare your teams for winning immigration case outcomes. 

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