Expert Witness Report Writing

Written expert witness reports are often a critical component of forensic cases, and they can make or break your case. Creating a compelling report takes a practiced industry expert who knows how to not only present the facts, but frame them in a way that powerfully demonstrates your case.

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Exigent’s team prepares written expert witness reports that leverage the scientific method and include all necessary documentation. Present investigative conclusions in a digestible format with key forensic insights that judges and juries can easily understand.

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    Whether your audience is highly technical or not, our reports present the facts in a digestible manner, explaining complex technical and scientific concepts without oversimplifying.ow to avoid overpaying for the deal
    Every report is supported by applicable documentation, use of verified references, credible sources of information and data points, and backed by the Scientific Method.
    All elements in our reports are clear, concise, and supported by verified and credible sources.

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