On-Demand Demo: How to Optimize Contract Management for Major ROI

A Tour of Exigent's Contract Management Software Offerings & Benefits

Make your mountain of accumulated contracts work harder for you. By pairing technology with business acumen, you can change the game and recruit your contract data for future success.

Exigent's contract management software is designed to help you prevent revenue leakage, mitigate risk and gain concrete financial benefit, both immediately and long-term.

  • In this on-demand demo, we review the ways our Contract Management Software helps businesses like yours:
  • Manage contract obligations more effectively with meaningful reports, visualization tools and a central system of alerts.
  • Prevent revenue leakage and mitigate risk with a secure and standardized contract management solution.
  • Unleash the goldmine hidden within your contract data with the strongest contract management technology in the market.

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In fact, some businesses have implemented our technology for a 15 percent increase in revenue from existing customers, a 12 percent reduction in revenue leakage and a 7 percent contribution to profit.

Our demo will bring to life how the right contract management strategy combines with the appropriate software and talent to optimize your contracts and processes, break down silos within the business and achieve breakthrough results across the company.

Presented by

Rico Burnett | Director, Legal Innovation

In charge of Exigent’s legal solutions team, Rico Burnett supports a dynamic environment in which we deliver innovative yet practical solutions to our client’s challenges. Rico is an advocate for best practice in Contract Management, Due Diligence, and Data Management, and believes all departments can achieve it, including lawyers!