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Defense Case Analysis 

Bringing a case to court is costly and requires prompt clinical insight.  With our smart technology, diverse clinical and paralegal talents, your organization’s time, money and effort is free to focus on revenue-driving activities.

By sourcing highly-talented legal nurse consultants, physicians, physical therapists, and paralegals from across the country, Exigent performs quick and accurate defense case analyses to help your firm or corporation develop an informed, data-driven strategy. As an extension of your team, Exigent provides you with the support you need as you continue to grow and scale.

We have decades of experience in conducting the research and evaluation process to help verify potential liability and settlement values. Exigent’s defense case analysis solutions include:

  • Merit reviews
  • Deposition evaluation
  • Discovery responses

 … and more! Let us help you make the most cost-effective legal decisions available — so your team can focus on what they do best

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