On Demand Webinar:

Data Extraction

Its Not About AI, Its About The Outcomes 

In 2021, becoming data driven and leveraging AI to help get there is being focused on more than ever before. But an outcomes-based approach which deliverers ROI is critical. This webinar brings to life how to achieve AI powered outcomes with a smart combination of technology and human intelligence (HI).

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage AI data extraction tools that can rapidly discover new insights
  • Visualise and analyse contract portfolios in a meaningful way
  • Align cross departmental data
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Convert predictive cost analysis into real savings
  • What a good outcomes-based approach that delivers ROI looks like

This webinar is lead by Simon Meiklejohn our Associate Director of Legal Solutions, along with

  • Rico Burnett - Global Director of Client Innovation
  • Carl Adams - Global Director of Legal AI
  • Udita Saha - Global Head of Strategic – Technology Solutions & Products

We'll help you learn how to visualise and analyse the contracts in a meaningful way. Not just from a legal perspective but from a C-suite perspective too.

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